Daisy-May Greener

Marketing & Communications Executive

01276 536 410

Daisy joins the team as our Marketing and Communications Executive. Having worked in a diverse range of settings, varying from renowned international corporations to dynamic startups, this exposure has given her a deep understanding of the differences of both established and agile business environments.

Having pursued a bilingual law degree specialising in corporate law, and despite a fondness for the legal world, Daisy chose to channel her passion into the realm of marketing, and communications – more specifically, corporate communications. With exceptional communication skills, she is tasked with conveying our brand message with clarity and impact.

With a keen eye for detail and a great understanding of consumer behaviour and market trends, Daisy will lead on developing innovative campaigns that captivate, educate and engage, crafting compelling marketing strategies that resonate with our target audiences.

In her free time, Daisy maintains an active lifestyle and has recently decided to train for the London marathon. She enjoys cooking, socialising and spending time with her loved ones.

Bachelor’s Degree in law (Bilingual), Universidad de Alicante, Spain

Languages spoken:
English, Spanish, Valencian, French


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