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Our team of commercial legal experts brings extensive experience from diverse business backgrounds and having been active in boardrooms. By listening carefully to your goals, and being expert at adapting to different businesses quickly, we gain a deep understanding of how our advice can best align with your business objectives. With our expertise in drafting and reviewing contracts across various industries, we possess the knowledge to safeguard your business effectively.

Whether you’re a dynamic start-up, a prominent multinational corporation, or anywhere in between, we deliver an exceptional quality service that is both responsive and cost-effective. Our comprehensive support covers a wide range of contract needs, including technology agreements, confidentiality arrangements, marketing and sponsorship contracts, as well as tailored policy drafting.

At Hartley Law, we believe contracts should serve as valuable tools for businesses. That’s why we focus on creating clarity and outlining the parties’ processes under different circumstances. Our meticulous approach ensures peace of mind for both parties, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most—your business.


Agency, Distributor and Consultancy Agreements

Our specialised knowledge enables us to draft agency and distributor agreements that meet the unique requirements of these relationships.

Business Terms and Conditions

We craft comprehensive business terms and conditions tailored to safeguard your interests when selling goods or services. We understand the importance of adapting these terms to suit your industry and unique operational requirements.

Competition and Prize Terms

We can assist you in developing competition and prize terms that ensure compliance and protect your interests.

Confidentiality/Non-disclosure Agreements

Protect your sensitive information with our expertise in drafting robust confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements..


Whether you need guidance on contract amendments, renewals, or assessing your position under a contract, we provide expert advice. We ensure you have a clear understanding of your rights and options, including the smooth termination of contracts when desired. Our experienced team is adept at drafting and reviewing a wide range of contracts, including extensions and amendments.

Franchise Agreements

We have extensive experience in drafting franchise agreements, offering valuable insights from both franchisor and franchisee perspectives.


Our team can assist in expertly drafting a variety of license agreements, such as those for manufacturing, marketing, selling goods, and intellectual property.

Quotation and Order Form Terms

We understand the significance of clear and favourable terms in quotations and order forms. Our expertise lies in crafting terms that protect your interests while facilitating smooth transactions.

IT Contracts

From software agreements to IT licenses, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) agreements, cloud service agreements, IT maintenance contracts, website hosting, design, and new applications – we possess extensive knowledge in drafting and reviewing a variety of IT contracts.

Marketing and Sponsorship Agreements

Whether you are engaging with designers or third-party marketing companies, our advisory services cover a broad spectrum. We act on behalf of businesses receiving services or providing services, ensuring optimal outcomes in broadcasting, official sponsorship, and merchandising agreements.


We expertly draft comprehensive cookie and privacy policies, supplier policies, and other commercial policies, with the capability to assist you in developing conflict policies that address your specific needs.

Social Media/Branding and Influencer Agreements

We draft and advise on influencer agreements, social media agency agreements, and brand agreements. You can count on us to provide comprehensive guidance in this ever-evolving landscape.

Supplier Agreements

We draft, advise, and review supplier agreements, ensuring your business relationships with suppliers are well-protected.

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