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Our team of experts not only have deep knowledge in divorce law but also recognise the different factors that can impact your divorce journey. From considering the effects on your well-being to addressing cultural sensitivities, we provide complete advice tailored to your unique circumstances.

We specialise in achieving the best possible outcomes for your divorce. We are experts in supporting victims of domestic and narcissistic abuse. We understand that recognising and addressing abuse can be challenging, but our team will be leading negotiations from the front and will guide you every step of the way.

Endorsed by credible organisations like Refuge and NSPCC as leading experts in family law and abuse, our founder, Karenjit Dhaliwal, has personally experienced an abusive marriage of 20 years. Her journey of escape and subsequent divorce, accompanied by her children, fuels her passion as a surviving ambassador for Refuge.

Our aim is not only to assist you in navigating the complexities of divorce but also to empower you in rebuilding your life and overcoming past trauma. We engage the best barristers in the field. With Hartley Law by your side, you can confidently face the challenges ahead and embrace a brighter future.

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Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • Do you feel your life and that of your children (if you have children) are in danger?
  • Do you feel like your not being listened too?
  • Are your children showing signs of anxiety or not wanting to visit your ex?
  • Is your ex contacting your family or mutual friends to tell them their side of the story?
  • Did your ex try to isolate you friend your friends and family?
  • Did you feel alone in your marriage or relationship?
  • Do you feel unexplainably exhausted?
  • Is your ex sending you emails or messages blaming you for the divorce or saying that you should forgive them?
  • Does everything your ex say about you actually apply to them?
  • Is your ex suddenly demanding rights to visit and see the children?
  • Did you feel like whatever you did was not good enough for your ex?
  • Has your ex’s behaviour changed since you have separated or mentioned divorce, are they more intimidating, aggressive?

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At Hartley Law, our team strikes the perfect balance between professionalism and friendliness, offering compassionate support as we guide you through the divorce process. We will be there for you every step of the way.

You can place your trust in us to meet all court deadlines and ensure that you are well-informed about all available options, including mediation. We pride ourselves on providing transparent and upfront advice tailored to your specific needs. Our team has experience in helping individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, including Asians, and we are well-versed in dealing with Sharia Law.

As experts in domestic abuse law, we understand the complexities and sensitivities involved in leaving an abusive marriage. Whether you require guidance on navigating an abusive relationship or legal advice on the divorce process itself, our understanding and friendly team is here to support you.

We aspire to be more than just divorce lawyers. Our mission is to make a positive impact on family law and drive the much-needed change it requires. By advocating for fair and just outcomes, we strive to improve the lives of those affected by divorce and create a better future for families.

With Hartley Law, you will have a dedicated team on your side, committed to providing exceptional legal support with a caring approach. Together, we will navigate the complexities of your divorce journey and work towards achieving a brighter and more empowering future.

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