10 September 2020 Data Protection Updates… What’s new?

As Autumn is swiftly approaching and the restrictions around coronavirus are gradually lifting normality resumes, there may be some data protection updates that have taken place that you have missed which could affect your business. We have provided a round up of some of the changes

27 July 2020 Modern Slavery: still a 21st Century issue

We hope you are all staying safe whilst weathering the Covid-19 pandemic. As society is starting to re-emerge and retailers are once again open for business there have been attention grabbing headlines concerning the industry. Stories have been covered spanning from the distressing closures of

4 July 2019 #Beware #Influencers #Collaborators #Retailers #Promoters

The influencer industry is growing rapidly and significant sums can be made by influencers from posting a picture with products or services or creating a video story on their Instagram account….. and of course, the retailers are profiting too from having their products plugged.  But,

4 February 2019 Brexit... the impact on contracts

With the constant upturns and downturns in the press around Brexit it is easy to switch off from it all yet, the 29 March 2019 will be here before we know it, (the date the UK is due to leave the European Union (EU). At the

4 January 2018 Mind the Gap: Gender Pay

We wish you all a Happy New Year.  We have had a super busy 2017 so have not blogged for some time but thought you might want to know about the upcoming gender pay reporting regulations. You may have seen in the media the gender pay

15 May 2017 Spending too much on legal fees? Answer: centralise

How might you reduce your legal costs without reducing quality? Well, if you currently instruct a number of firms for your different legal needs have you thought about centralising this? What does this mean? It means giving your legal work to one or two law

15 March 2017 Sponsorship Agreements- how to make them work for you

It’s sponsorship season (at least in the Premier League it is).  The time of the year when sales teams and agencies are hard at work trying to secure the best sponsorship deals for the next football season.  Having secured the deal they approach their lawyer

17 February 2017 The future... the rise of in-house solicitors

It is a fact that in-house solicitors are on the rise.  Last year, in-house solicitors accounted for  25% of the legal profession in England and Wales and it is predicted this will rise to 35% by 2020. In-house lawyers are not only growing in volume

13 February 2017 Why does my business need legal help?

Your business might be doing really well, growing perhaps, and even making a reasonable profit.  Why therefore do you need to even think about getting legal help?  Here’s why: Smooth Operator Staying on the right side of the law ensures you can continue to trade without